WTT Kitted Magnum

Hi everyone.

I own a Magnum MKII, with a 70cc tccd kit, 15mm carb, performance air filter, and bullet pipe. Right now it does anywhere from 30-36. The reason its slow is that it seems to be backfiring or something. I know I have gotten it going 40, but that was before the backfiring started. It just sputters and pops out the exhaust, causing me to slow down when I reach top speeds. I'm sure some moped guru knows how to fix it.

Anyway, I want to trade this sucker for a sleeker looking moped, like a Tomos LX or Streetmate. Does anyone have anything that is fast fast fast and a toptank? And yes, I know it's a magnum, so everyone who says I shouldn't trade it, whatever. Anyone who wants to jump on a good deal, let me know.

For picture, check out my profile.

Re: WTT Kitted Magnum

Steve, I’ll trade you my 1987 Motomarina sebring (not kitted).

The good: Has vin and is fully legal. All lights work, original paint and mag rims. Runs about 31-33 mph, fairly clean tank, Case-inducted engine, also new points, stator plate, and tranny cover gasket. New nos fork tubes and fork bottoms. Refurbished carb.

The bad: Slightly wobbles at high speeds, probebly b/c the tires are’nt fully seated. Easy fix. Missing front fender and pedals, also the Speedometer is un-hooked. Without the pedals it is sometimes hard to start, but should become easier when pedals are on it. Does’nt need much to be a solid bike, or you could ride as is.

You probably have more money in your bike, so would you be willing to trade your magnum minus the kit, the carb, intake, and filter? I don’t really want any hi porformance stuff anyway, and you could keep them to resell, this would even out the trade.

Thanks, Avery.

Re: WTT Kitted Magnum

Re: WTT Kitted Magnum

Re: WTT Kitted Magnum

neat rims

Re: WTT Kitted Magnum

Hi Avery,

I am not really interested in trading my bike in pieces, I want to trade in whole. I also am not particularly fond of the sebring. I'm really sorry. I'm just looking for something faster. However, I may be selling it in the next months, so I will keep you posted.


Re: WTT Kitted Magnum

No big deal, it's a nice Magnum, I hope you get a good trade for it.

Re: WTT Kitted Magnum

Thanks. It means a lot that you don't just start bashing me once you get a "no" (had some interesting experiences in the past)

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