WTB: Girlfriend

needs to be hot, and taller than 5'8 and willing to have sex with me, and play halo 3 and watch me play MGS4, email me.


Re: WTB: Girlfriend

What's with the taller than 5'8 to bad I am married you sound so interesting!!!

I am however more into wow type games. LostOddesy atm.

Re: WTB: Girlfriend

im more an everquest guy, WOW is easy mode babe. drop the zero and get with the level 70 troll shaman with full BG warlords gear/ tier 8 set piece

Re: WTB: Girlfriend

from profile:

"i have a girlfreind so fuck you dumbass piece of shitter. I am the most best moped dude of ever, so if you need help with problem, dont ask me, because I dont help retarded."


Re: WTB: Girlfriend

And not four but five popped collars. Ultra nice.

Re: WTB: Girlfriend

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /

hahah..major GUIDO ALERT. go drink some jagerbombs and crash your "toptank scooter"

Re: WTB: Girlfriend

Would you consider an old hag?

Re: WTB: Girlfriend

***Kim Jong illest*** /

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Re: WTB: Girlfriend

sex soliciting on the army... why not. Its good to meet new people.

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