WTB: Fender/Bracket for 78 Magnum (in SF)

Hi All,

I just bought a nicely kept up 78 Magnum XK. I'm sooooo happy.

Only blemish is that the front fender has a big dent and is bent. Additionally the bar that holds it & stabilizes the front fork is bend slightly. My fork because of it has a slight twist.

I really want to replace it, but not with after-market or different type bars/fenders (I have a 78 maxi, but there are slight differences between the two fenders).

Since here in SF lotsa people strip their Magnums and make them "clean" there has to be someone that has one laying around. I'm one of those people that just can't wait for packages to arrive in the mail.

See the picture of what i'm looking for.

(I originally was going to mod my Magnum, but when I bought it ... before I actually saw it in person... the thing was so well kept up, I just can't get myself to do anything too it, except getting it back to it's original stock glory. I just posted a picture in my profile if you want to have a peek)

Thanks all!



Re: WTB: Fender/Bracket for 78 Magnum (in SF)

shit that does look clean.

get a crusty one to strip, get a fender for that one!

Re: WTB: Fender/Bracket for 78 Magnum (in SF)

Please let me know if you hear or see anything.

I think i'm going to have to buy a second magnum and leave this one be.

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