Need a rear hub or wheel....

Hello, I am trying to make my 69 single speed Ciao into a variable speed... I understand I need a rear Hub from a bravo and the variator. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.


Ryan S.

Re: Need a rear hub or wheel....

some of the really old ciaos wheels cannot take newer transmissions. The old hubs have one notch in the center hole, the newer ones have spines going all the way around.

If yours has only the one notch you will need to get an entire new wheel and transmission, bore out two of the wheel mount holes on one side, and drill 2 new holes on the other.

Re: Need a rear hub or wheel....

ok, I can handle that, so that means that I need a whole entire wheel from a bravo then? Dose the trans come with the wheel?

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