FS-minarelli V1 engine

im trying to get rid of a V1 engine and stock carb

make an offer.

im in portland OR

Re: FS-minarelli V1 engine

I'm interested, so long as it's got no cracks. Got any pictures? Shoot me an email direct and let's work it out.


Re: FS-minarelli V1 engine

I'll start the lowballing off with $40. local pickup. does it have the fan and fan shroud?

Re: FS-minarelli V1 engine

Lol, $60. I pay shipping, and you can sell the other guy the fan shroud ;)

Re: FS-minarelli V1 engine

do you need the carb quinton? the carb and all the fan related parts where all I wanted, hence the lowballling.

Re: FS-minarelli V1 engine

Nope! I need the case and guts. Don't need the fan related parts either I don't think. I already have a bike with a working V1 on it, but am going to build up a race kit and was looking for a base engine to start with so I would still be able to ride for however long it took to get this project engine complete. I'll be putting on new everything, so don't need the carb, and the fan would be easy to transfer over from my working bike as the last step of the build.

How about you put in $40, pick it up and take your parts, I put in $60 plus the cost of shipping the rest to Chicago?

John, are you ok with that kind of confusion? That brings us up to $100 and no work for you.

Re: FS-minarelli V1 engine

i was hoping to get more, but i'll let it got for $130-$140 (after shipping, depending on how far you are from portland OR)

that includes the stock carb, and the complete engine.

just let me know

money just got tight.

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