WTB: 15mm Minarelli intake

Looking for a big port Minarelli intake, to run a 15.15 or 16.16 SHA.

1.Holler at me

2.I'll PayPal you

3.Send me the part



Re: WTB: 15mm Minarelli intake


Re: WTB: 15mm Minarelli intake

Errrr, um, just drill yours out and get a spacer for it. I machined a bronze bushing down to make it fit or go to dellorto direct cause they have every adapter under the sun, and they are slow at shipping!

Re: WTB: 15mm Minarelli intake

I don't have a stock intake to open up, unfortunately

Re: WTB: 15mm Minarelli intake

I will have my old one available soon....do you need a forward facing one or sideways?

Re: WTB: 15mm Minarelli intake

Forward facing.

What I was trying to figure out recently was whether the intake stud spacing was the same on a Minarelli as on a Garelli NOI.

I had an intake that worked on the V1 and NOI Polini, but I didn't know if it was just the kits that shared the same spacing, or stock Minarelli/Garelli cylinders as well. Do you know?

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