WTB: Moby parts

Looking for two things for my 50V:

Speedometer, I don't need the cable or the gizmo that goes on the wheel, just all the parts of the gauge itself.

Belt guard, I am looking for the piece of sheet metal that wraps around the variator and makes it so you can't get at the belt while its running.

Neither of these parts are too crucial right now but if anyone has them lying about send me an email.

Re: WTB: Moby parts

bump, send me an email with what you have and how much you want for it

Re: WTB: Moby parts


Re: WTB: Moby parts

yea.... ive got both of those. i doo like having the speedometer on my ped, but im trying to strip it down to reduce vibrations and streamline it and such.

I also have a belt cover... they are great to have when it rains, but once again mine vibrates like a mother bitch. Plus, even with all three screws in, it still never lines up juuuuust perfectly so when i hit a bump it hits my variator. shitty.

let me know if you want em both.

Re: WTB: Moby parts

hey man

i have a 50V belt guard.

original finish with decal on it.


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