79 Pinto

Hey anyone got a spark plug wire assembly that would work on a 1979 JC Penny Pinto? I was checking the spark and the wires broke in half! It looks like it's an "assembly" rather than just regular plug wires

Re: 79 Pinto

moped whare house has some

Re: 79 Pinto

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I have one with the metal plug boot and spade connector to the coil. It's even from a Pinto.

I'm wondering if your wire didn't just separate from the boot? You might be able to just jam it back in there.


Re: 79 Pinto

they screw into the coil , theres a threaded stud in the end that pierces and makes contact with the wire......, the metal end piece is the same way, so u should just be able to screw a new piece of coil wire in it

Re: 79 Pinto

if you'd still like to buy one I am looking at a beat pinto for parts this weekend I will grab the spark plug wire assembly if you want it. just cover shipping and i'm up for it

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