FS vespa/sachs parts

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Re: FS vespa/sachs parts

yeah, you'll save us LOTS of money with your $49.99 rusty ass vespa rim you pulled out of the ocean. Go peddle your insanely overpriced crap elsewhere! PS I still want my $12 yellow vespa I won from you on ebay there tough guy!

Re: FS vespa/sachs parts

most of the stuff in your store and ebay store have been on ebay since january and hasn't moved yet the price still stays the same. Hint Hint

Re: FS vespa/sachs parts

Seriously, your store is complete bonertown. You've ripped us off more than a few times.

Re: FS vespa/sachs parts

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Hmm, NGK spark plug boot for $9. I got one yesterday for like $3 from 77. Rip-off!

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