WTB FA50 exhaust

I want to buy the stock exhaust for an fa50. A used technigas off a scooter just rolled into the shop, and I'm gonna get my hack on. Thing is, I have never done this before, so ifn I fuck it up, I don't want the bike to be unrideable. I would just use my current exhaust, hack it off at the header and proceed, but like I said, ifn I fuck it up... So ifn you have an FA50 exhaust or even just a header in decent condition, lemme know. I will give cash or trade. Thanks yall.

Oh yeah, a scooter technigas expansion chamber should be the same as a moped one, right?

Re: WTB FA50 exhaust


Re: WTB FA50 exhaust

the header/pipe thing actually goes way back about an inch from the end of the expansion chamber which is restricted a lot and it is pretty thick stuff don't use metal saw bits from Wally world or something of similar quality cuz i went through 3 and a half made them flat just to get in it and used the one that was half gone to go all the way through a biturbo at the header

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