Peugeot 103 Custom Frame and Parts

I started restoring this 103 but took on too many projects. The tank has been sealed with POR-15 so you will never have to worry about rust again. I took off th 103 logos and filled in the grooves on the tank to make it even. I primed it. It comes with the side covers, tool kit, swingarm (not shown) and a stack of counterfeit million dollar bills. I have the wheels, bars and the engine somewhere (I have not located it yet. It has only 800 miles on it). Email me for more pictures and make me an offer. This is basically a complete ped minus a carb and some odds and ends. Sorry for the double post.


Re: Peugeot 103 Custom Frame and Parts

How much are you selling this for? And where are you located... ?

Re: Peugeot 103 Custom Frame and Parts

I am in Sacramento. I don't know yet what I am selling it for. It depends on what I find. I am still gogin through boxes and finding stuff to add to it. I am open to offers.

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