WTB Peugeot 102SP Clutch

I'm SO new here (both this forum, and the moped world in general)... but I need a clutch for a Peugeot 102SP. Unfortunately, I don't know _how much_ clutch I need. :) I think all of it.

I have a post in the front running through the engine, and basically a post in the back with some pedals on it. I need to fill in the gaps.

Re: WTB Peugeot 102SP Clutch

Zack Rineer /

The clutch I have is in pieces and im not sure if its all there..

I also have a piston, no rings... and a base cylinder... need them?

Re: WTB Peugeot 102SP Clutch

I bet'cha I've got one layin' around somewhere...

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