What's a fair price to pay for a Baretta fixer

I'm brand new to the whole moped thing and would like to get a basic moped that can go 30-40 MPH that I might eventually like to convert to electric.

The idea of getting a fixer is somewhat appealing given I want to understand how they work so that if I eventually convert it to electric I understand how it operates.

Someone is selling an old Baretta moped locally described as a fixer. I haven't gathered any details as to the condition of the Baretta other than what I can determine from a picture. I'll assume it can't run at all and is a ground up fixer for the time being.

Assuming that's the case, what should I be willing to pay assuming the only real salvagable parts are the body/frame and how much is it likely to cost to restore this to drivability assuming I have to rebuild/buy a new motor, carburetor and any the other misc. parts?

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