WTB tomos wheels

looking for tomos wheels...doesn't have to be loaded...i got all the parts off of the old busted wheels. let me know what you got!!! thanks!!!

Re: WTB tomos wheels

 GotSpark /

got these, sealed bearings and axels,,,no brake assembly though


Re: WTB tomos wheels

how much shipped to 22204?

Re: WTB tomos wheels

check these out...


Re: WTB tomos wheels

hmm not bad...just wondering...u wanna sell the spoked ones? like in ur profile pic? just the rear?

Re: WTB tomos wheels

Sorry, dude. Just got those on this weekend. That's why I am selling the old mags. I really like the look of the spoke wheels. I found mine on Ebay... some dude sold them as "Thomas Moped Wheels." Got to love the misspelled words!

How anout these

2003 Revival wheels pic above


Re: How anout these

can you sell me just the rears? and how much shipped to 22204? and do u take paypal?

Having trouble finding a box

Having trouble finding a box to check shipping price, give me a little while...George

Here ya go

Rim, tire, tube, axle, brake hub, NEW sprocket. nuts, tension adjusters...$87 shipped !!!

Re: Here ya go

sweet but i heard this disturbing rumor that it won't fit my 99 classic tt...let me research real quick

Re: Here ya go

Ok, because I have no idea...George

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