WTB Solex

toe fur threadkiller /

sell me one.

i'm obsessed with the idea of having a slow-ass front-wheel friction-driven bike.

gots to be in indiana, ohio, michigan, illinois, southern wisconsin, or somewhere else not terribly far away.

Re: WTB Solex

Re: WTB Solex

Try craigslist, there are usually quite a few in the MI,WI,IL area. I sometimes wonder why theres such a large concentration in that area.

Re: WTB Solex

take a ride to mass il sell ya mine

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Most Solex S 3800s are in Micigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kentucky because those are the five states in which Velosolex authorized BJ and Bob Smith to sell them in the early seventies, before Motobecane took over Velosolex. Before that, there was a major dealer in Detroit (National Inventors) and one in Chicago (can't remember the name at the moment.) After 1974, Solexes were sold by VeloSolex-America, based in New Jersey. BJ still sold a few Solexes (and Motobecanes) after 1974 by grinding off the Solex logos from the motors, removing the Solex stickers from the frames, modifying the bikes to somewhat pass the new requirements for brake lights and whatnot, and calling them Roadrunners.

Re: WTB Solex

Now _that_ was an interesting bit of history.

Re: WTB Solex

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

you don't just go making your last name Solex, you earn that. again, briansolex never ceases to amaze me.

Re: WTB Solex

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I'm from the Detroit area and one of my older brothers had a friend with a Solex. That was the first moped I ever saw, it was around 1971-72. We all thought that dude was crazy!

There are probably good deals out there now since everyone seems to be transfixed on Magnums, etc. You might start a new trend!


Re: WTB Solex

There were many late sixties/early seventies S 3800s sold by National Inventors in Detroit:

This was their sticker:

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