Wanted: Puch Moped that Runs-Maine

Hi there,

My sad saga is that I recently bought a 1977 Newport that looked great, but is suffering from internal moped problems that a repair guy here on the forum says may be too costly to fix and even after committing the $$$ may still not run. I'm sad because I love the thing and wanted to ride it -it's really a sweet looking bike. I'm not mechanically savvy so I'm screwed. I've wanted one of these things forever!

If you have a running Puch (Newport, Maxi, or something similar) in good shape and working condition I'd love to hear about it. I'm in southern Maine. Let me know! Thanks in advance for helping to get this girl on the road!

Re: Wanted: Puch Moped that Runs-Maine

I have two this is pic #1


Re: Wanted: Puch Moped that Runs-Maine

and pic #2 me an email the gray one needs a few things that I will fix before someone takes it home.

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