WTB 50V Wheels @ Kzoo

Anyone going to K zoo plan on selling any wheels? Mine are pretty much rusted beyond steel wool helping...

Re: WTB 50V Wheels @ Kzoo

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

I might have a set out there right now. Hit me with a phone cll when you get into town. (810)887-0598


Re: WTB 50V Wheels @ Kzoo

I am here now and I know for sure that I have the set of rims. I am willing to let them go so holler.

Re: WTB 50V Wheels @ Kzoo

PS, that was mike of the guns, not nick.

Re: WTB 50V Wheels @ Kzoo

Excellent. I'll be hitting you up when I roll in tomorrow. Thanks.

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