A35? Sprint poss. 2002

I have a Tomos moped. It is premix and kick start. I got it when my girlfriends parents went to clean out a house they rent out and this was in the garage and the renters did not claim it so they gave it to me. I recieved it and it runs. No electronics work, it needs a speedo cable, probably needs all new electronics but you'd have to check. The starter does work though. I think the choke may be broken at least a little because it does not pop off when revved and I have loosened the cable all the way and nothing. It starts up in the morning after maybe two or three kicks but after it's been running it's one kick. It takes a couple minutes to warm up in the morning and then it runs ok. I don't know what a normal Tomos feels and runs like so I don't have a comparison but it accelerates ok it hits 22 or so top speed (measured by a bike computer I threw on). It shifts ok too, a little lag but again I don't know what's normal. There is a decent amount of rust on the exhaust in the front and the back is ok but it could use a new one I'm guessing. There is a weird sound when its running about 3-5 miles per hour it's a bell like clinking that goes away but I think it has to do with the first gear clutch.

I've been rambling a little so let me clean this up:

It runs,

Top speed ~22

brakes work

no electronics work at all, no rear brake assembly and the lines seem to be cut

no right side panel

pre mix

kick start

needs a tune up and possibly some new parts

I'll look at the vin and get a year and such and get some pictures up later.

Entertain me some offers. Honestly I think 150 or 200 is about right because overall its in decent shape but some parts could use work and it does run.



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