Nice move, my man!

Get with me ASAP, send it to 16242 Bringard, Detroit, MI 48205. Send it overnight shipping, I'm trying to ride at the BBQ this weekend. How much do you want and I'll pay for shipping.

You can recorck it, I suck at trans work. Call my roomate to arrange cash. I can send you cash in the mail or whatever. Erich at 248-207-2599 he'll send you the loot this weekend. Thanks Bro your wonderful.

Re: Nice move, my man!

Ok I'm on it, It will take me at least tomorrow and thurs. to do A rightous re-cork. But I can send it out fri-O'night. I'll be looking for $30.00 for the piece and I would aimagine about $25.00 to send it O'night. If all that seems OK I'm on it..Email me at so we can swap addresses . I will also accep PayPal if thatamy easier for you..David

Re: Nice move, my man!

If there is any way possible could you get it here by Fri? I know your busy and working hard, we just trying to ride Saturday. Let me know, thanks a ton.

Re: Nice move, my man!

Hi Nate, Haven't heard from you.Still interested in the second gear clutch?..David

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