FS Puch rear wheel

Rear wheel a bit rusty but straight . Maybe somone could use it . email me


Re: FS Puch rear wheel

Here is a closer pic


Re: FS Puch rear wheel

I got a front that looks exactly like that

well, it doesent have a sprocket..

you get the point.

If someone needed a set and got that from harry and the front from me they would have a set o wheels

speedo thingy is kinda hokey on my wheel. COndition looks like they came off the same bike haha

Re: FS Puch rear wheel

That is perfect Andrew we have a set now for sale .

Matching rust LOL

Re: FS Puch rear wheel

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I think Rob in San Jose has been looking for a wheel for a few weeks now. He should chime in.

Re: FS Puch rear wheel

i'm supposed to have one coming but if it doesn't workout soon, i'd be interested. how much you asking shipped harry?

Re: FS Puch rear wheel

Rob For you pay shipping and a case a beer call me if it doesnt work out . 631-470-0068 Harry

Re: FS Puch rear wheel

harry, ill trade you my broken one from you for that one.

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