WTB Moped/Scoot in MI

I am looking for a reliable moped/scooter out of Michigan.

I am not searching for a particular manufacturer, will be open to all kinds.

Only requirements is that it runs efficiently, and is in a decent price range (i.e. my price range lies in the hundreds, not thousands.)

I do not want a parts bike. Must run.

I used to own a Honda Spree and miss the thrill. And I need something to cart my ass around in style.

If you are interested, please swing me an e-mail or make a post.

I travel to all parts of the state so location is usually not a problem.

Re: WTB Moped/Scoot in MI

Well, you can get a brand new Tomos over in Unionville at


3043 Bay Street

Unionville, MI 48767

Tel: (989) 674-8611

I would call them first, because im not sure if theyre still in business. You can get a brand new tomos Sprint for 1000. If not, post a wanted add in Craigslist, etc. and keep bumping this post. Hope you find one soon, Bay City will be a great place to ride.

Re: WTB Moped/Scoot in MI

Thanks Jon, much appreciated.

Anyone else have some feedback??

Re: WTB Moped/Scoot in MI

What's your timeline, I've just started working with a friend who has about a dozen scoots (mostly hondas) but they all need to be gone through I'm thinking about a three week time line. they are mostly hondas (spree) and yamaha (razz) I thinks we will bw focusing on the hondas first. I'm in port huron we want to let these go to people who will ride them the most. The price will be fair (~$500) and they will run great. lt me know if this might work for you.

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