WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

Hey guys,

As the title states, I am in the market for two mopeds in the Louisville, KY area. Anywhere within 150 miles or so would work, as I have a trailer and would be willing to pick up. I do not know much about mopeds, so I am not looking for any brand in particular. I'd like something with the capability of going about 40 mph with a 150lb rider. I'm not afraid of some engine work, so if it can be tweaked for better performance that is a plus.

I know Nate Eversole, who is in the moped scene here in Louisville. I asked him to hunt around for me, but I think he forgot about me <_> If you read this, Nate...thanks a lot buddy :P First you promise me a bike chain bracelet and then you promise to search for a 'ped and I get neither.

Anyway, if anyone knows of anything around please let me know. The most I'd probably spend is about $700 each.



Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

Nate probably won't see this thread for awhile, but there are quite a few folks looking for peds around these parts right now.

Plus for you - you got a trailer and a generous search radius.

Minus for you - 40mph bike. Spend less on a 25-30mph ped and build up the speed. That'll be the compromise you might have to make.

Anyway, good luck, and we'll keep our ears perked.

Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

Hi Deane,

Thanks for the reply. Like I said, if it could work for 25-30mph and with some tweaking/modifications build it up to the 40mph-ish speed range that would work also. I'd like to do some street riding and would rather not be run over by some a-hole in an SUV due to my pokey-ness. :)


Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

Your best bet is to try to find one in Cincinnati- there are always new bikes popping up there. In fact let me check really quick...

there is a tomos and a puch-



I agree with deane, if is probably cheaper and easier to just find a decent 30mph bike and then tweek it from there- you can drop a kit on it and a decent pipe and carb for a few hundred extra and you have something hitting in the 40's.

Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

I have two 94 Tomos Sprints. A blue one and a red one. The blue one runs over 40 mph with me on it (200lbs. } I have not had the red one running yet but I know it will run.

Both look nice. The blue one has a Biturbo. The blue one starts very easy and idles perfect. Lights and horn work.

Have not had time to get the red one going but i am sure it will run. I need to put a rear tire on it. I will have both bikes ready to roll in a week or two.

I will take $600 for the pair or $350.00 ea. I am located 40 miles East of cincinnati.

By the way, both bikes are kickstart.


Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

Hey Ike,

That sounds perfect, as long as the red one gets up and running. Is a Biturbo an exhaust system? Like I said, I do not know much about them.

Let me know when you have them ready to go and I will let you know if I can get them then. It might be sometime in June before I could pick them up due to an upcoming vacation. If I decided I wanted them would you hold them for a deposit?

Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

It can sound scary riding at 30mph or less in traffic, but there are ways to ride that speed without getting run over. It's nice, too, to have the option to go fast when you need, but as a first moped, you might want to hold off on warp speed 'til you get a feel for it. (I'm assuming this is a first bike, sorry if I'm wrong.) Just more to worry about with a kit when you're learning. Nice to appreciate the ped for what he is and then build him up when you feel comfortable. Okay, I'll step off my 'dad' podium now.

Tomos are good basic, easy to find parts for, easy to modify when you want a little more. Good peds imo. Good luck!

Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area


Yes, a Biturbo is a performance pipe. Thats why the blue one runs over 40mph. The red one won`t run that fast with a stock pipe but should still do over 30mph.

And yes, I will need a couple of weeks to get them both ready to go. So, I can hold them until first of June.

I will post a pic soon as I can.



Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

deane, i like how your safety advice is coming from a guy who has a super fast kitted tomos with no brakes.

Re: WTB - 2 mopeds in the Louisville, KY area

It has the essence of brakes!

And what can I say, I put others before myself...so I can ram 'em from behind!

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