WTS Malossi 70cc for Vespa or Kinetic

I have a Malossi 70cc cylinder with the head, no piston for Vespa Mopeds and Kinetics for sale. It needs to be honed because it snagged a ring after about 150 miles and there is a score that is probably less than 1mm deep from the port to the back of the cylinder bore...

I didn't even get it broken in when it snagged a ring. Sadness. I got it about 7 years ago when I thought that it would be awesome to kit a moped. Didn't know about chamferring the ports or anything. I'm not sure if you would need an over sized piston or not, but this thing has been in the box forever and I don't even own a Vespa moped anymore.. Make me an offer.


Re: WTS Malossi 70cc for Vespa or Kinetic

My email is crisis at sugarburninc dot com

Re: WTS Malossi 70cc for Vespa or Kinetic

Bump. Anyone interested?

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