FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

I have many things for you to buy...

From the top:

Right and left side covers $30- Sold as a set only, without the pins to hold them on. Just a few minor scratches, good condition otherwise.

Two exhaust pipes $18 each- They work! But are dirty on the outside!

Headlight bucket and rim $30- Here's a close up,

No cracks, a few minor scuffs. Comes with speedo.

Piston with no rings $8- Fine condition, if you have a set of rings.

Rear variator pulley $8- Opens and closes fine.

Transmission $20- Spins freely. Also dirty on the outside, beware!

Two shiny chrome mirrors $15- No scratches. Will clean more if you like.

Front variator bell $15- Does not come with starting clutch pads or springs.

Handle bars with controls and wires $25- The controls are complete and the wires are fine.

Two pedals $9- Little bit of authentic rust on them.

Head $8- Missing decomp spring

Intake $6- Looks great.

Reed block $6- Yup.

Magneto $12- Metal shit sticks to it good!

Shocks $20- They are white.

Two cylinders $20 each- I'll throw in a brand new head gasket or two if you get one of these. There is no scoring or scratches in the cylinder.

I also have jets, size 92, 95 and 98. $5 for each of those mothers.

All prices include shipping!

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

I'll take mirrors. How do you want me to pay? Please reply via email.


Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

My Paypal and e-mail address is FertBert@yahoo.com. If you would like any of my goods please post what you are taking and then e-mail me your address and send over the money. Thanks.

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

I'll take the headlight bucket and pedals.


Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

Travzilla. Hold onto that rear tranny if possible.. I think tagens' is startin' to die.

I'll shoot him a text and I'll get back to ya :D

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

If youo havent sold the mirrors Id like to buy those.Do you have a phone number?

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

Whats the stock jet on one of these back boys? 79 50II to be exact. If those jets will fit Loraina Hobbit, I'll probly tke all em.

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

The stock jet size is 78. I think I'm at 88 with a pipe and a kit. The big ones were what I used when I was breaking it all in.

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

Hi Ender, I'll give you $30 for them handlebars I live in Ontario so shipping will be a little extra.

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

Oh Canada... Yeah sure. Didn't send you parts before, dude? Maybe not. How's 'bout and extra ten for the shipping?

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

Ack! $35 booooo! Fine I'll take it but I'll have to paypal you in 2 days or so b/c the $30 was all I had in my account at the time.

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

Do you have the speedometer cable? It needs to have the small tip on the bottom end.

How much?



Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

Hey Travis, If the rear tranny and rear pulley arent spoken for then they are now, Email Sent

Re: FS: Hobbit parts GALORE!

Check Europe

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