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I have an idea for a parts database - users will be able to list their parts in an account.... Maybe the users will need to be pre-screened before they will be registered. They'll need proof of quality - many here on MA would instantly be accepted, others will need to prove it somehow, maybe some notorious people could vouch for you....

Anyway, I can't build this myself, I'm not a very good programmer. I figure we just need a database, could have the fields Name, email, Model, Part, Picture Link, etc. It would be searchable.... Should be accessible by mysql or something, output to webpages. If I don't get an immediate response, I'll have to do some footwork to find some open source code that I can use.

Piles of parts out there, would make the community better if we had them cataloged and put online by reputable sellers.

Re: Parts Database

thrill of the hunt though... there was a time not long ago when you had to wire transfer $ to foreign countries and hope that magical parts arrived weeks/months later. no tracking, no recourse for bad vendors, just the willingness to hang yourself out there for your moped.

or are you meaning like a used parts or private party one off sale type thing? i re-read your post and think i got it wrong maybe. like and internal ebay or something?

Re: Parts Database

ebay without the bidding i mean. just a who has what for sale where thingy?

Re: Parts Database

Who has what, I don't like to think about contractual things... but thats basically what we have here on the Buy/Sell and I've gotten about 10 parts so far, only 2 bad ones...

Just who has what, maybe a price and a picture link. It could easily be made to be search by brand, part, size....

eBay's feedback is flawed, I wonder if feedback will be possible - there are a lot of goofballs out there that like to fuck things up.

Re: Parts Database

write up a spec, or draw it on a napkin .. i'll build it for you

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