What kind of moped to get?

Hey everyone,

I've only recently begun getting into the world of mopeds. I want to get an older moped in decent shape that I can make better. I'd really like to sit out on a nice day and tinker with a moped then ride out on it.

With that said... I've been really fiendish on craigslist lately, almost got a few peds.

What should I get for a model, though? Looking through these forums I get the idea that Puch, Tomos, Peugeot are pretty solid models that you can find parts for easily.

I've been searching for a Puch Maxi. I like how they look and they seem reliable.

However when I called a guy up today about his peds, he said Puch is really hard to find parts for. What do you guys think? What are the benefits of the dif. models?

And does anyone have one for sale in New England? The closer to vermont, the better.

Also, Does anyone know anything about a "derri" or a "derrie". That's what the guy said but I have a suspicion its actually a "derbi"



Re: What kind of moped to get?

Timmy Southpark /

Yeap mostly likely a derbi... the dude you talked to sounds ignorant. Puchs are like the easiest bikes to get parts for, and generally reasonably priced.

Get what you like. Puch and tomos are always great bikes, peugeots might be alittle harder to track parts down for but not impossible. Other good bikes are Motobecane, Sachs, Motron, Honda, etc...

First off, do you want a 1 speed or 2? If you want a 2 get a tomos, otherwise look into Puch, Sachs, etc...

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Sounds like you've done some good start-up research if you know to call out a derbi when someone is mumbling derrie :) I'd stay away from whomever is telling you that Puchs are hard to find parts for.

I don't know if whats-his-name sold it yet...he has a post up on here...but if you can get to new hampshire and have the dough...here's a good grab...


Re: What kind of moped to get?

thanks for the input jimmy and jackson. The guy who told me that the puch is a bad bike and hard to get parts for may be ignorant, but he sure was nice. 77 years old and offered me some great deals on all of his bikes. I guess he has a garage full of them.

Jackson, I saw that link, thanks for bringing it to my attention again as a good deal. I tend to avoid the mopeds that have that look, though. Maybe I've got weird taste, but it looks less like a sweet retro bike and more like a motorcycle. I'm sure its a great bike but I like that old 1977 moped/bike hybrid look.

Especially if it has some nice bright color and some chrome involved.

As far as a one speed or two... I kind of thought they only had one speed, so thats some good information to look into, thanks jimmy.

I think I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for the perfect puch, but i may go and buy that derbi and some other stuff to play with and sell off until then.


Re: What kind of moped to get?

a nice man with a garage full of mopeds? keep in touch with him!

hope you get that puch in conn. def hold out for exactly what you are looking for.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

nice bright color and some chrome involved? motobecanes have a pretty sweet retro look, and they come in yellow...and i kind of love them.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

well im no expert, but i gotta say, i do love a good motobecane mobylette. thing is, they are fairly solid, parts for those are damn near everywhere. you can get a replacement carb for about 20 bucks.

(http://www.davesmotors.com/store/product556.html) to be exact

and the key element to mobylettes to me is, theyre so easy to fix!

the only thing is, when people tell you they like to stall, 90% of that is cause it has a bad condenser, and the other 10% of the time is a dirty carb =P...

and susan is right, they do come in pretty colors =P my 76 is mostly yellow, and alot of the lat 70's ones are orange and red and the like.

and you know... ive actually never heard of a siezed 50v engine.... but i hear about alot of siezed puch's.

just my 50 cents there. oh and dont follow the fuel to oil mixing ratios on the sticker :) for any old moped for that matter. they say make it 20:1, i make it 32:1, and theres a number of people out there who make it 40:1 and even 50:1, 20:1 with modern oil will foul your plug in a heartbeat and fill your exhaust up with garbage. good luck on your ped-finding!

Re: What kind of moped to get?

My neighbor has a Motebecane and it looks real sharp. He complains about getting it working, saying that finding parts for it is a bit tough and he cant get a spark. I think he just hasn't really had the time to sit down and fix it. He speaks volumes for his Tomos, though.

If I had that motobecane I think I would repaint it. In fact I would probably repaint anything I got. I attached a picture from a member here, his name is Jaker.

His bike is absolutely gorgeous and it is pretty much my inspiration when I say "chromed and bright colored". Check it out, I'd be hard-pressed to find someone who disagreed with me on this one.

I'm going to start adding Motobecanes to my daily (cough hourly cough) craigslist search routine.


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