1980 peugeot pedal arm and pedal

I just bought a 1908 peugeot moped.. model 103. I was wondering if anyone had a pedal arm and pedal that they would sell to me

Re: 1980 peugeot pedal arm and pedal

theres this cranky old bastard named shaun strom who owns and operates a little shop in southern california. he can get you ANYTHING for your peugeot, but dont even call this guy unless you have a method of payment ready immediately. i guess he's really busy, or getting burned out, he sounds like he hates it when i call him. my peugeot has gone to hell because i dont want to deal with him anymore, but sorry i will not part it out. i do have an extra frame, swing arm, new saddle seat, sorry not the good stuff. oh yeah myrons mopeds, 1 714 992 5592

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