FS: 1971 Suzuki F50 Cutlass, MI

50% moped, 50% motorcycle, 100% cool.

This is a ridiculously rare Suzuki 50cc 2-stroke, basically their copy of a Honda Supercub. I really hate to see this one go, but the garage is only so big.

It has a clutchless 3-speed foot shift transmission. It will cruise easily at 35mph all day and tops out at about 43. Has about 2300 miles on it.

It's incredibly easy to ride, starts right up, very comfortable and quiet, and has given me zero trouble in the two years I've had it. Features include:

Oil injection (works great, no worries)

Keyed ignition

New Vacuum petcock (automatically turns the gas on and off)

New Michelin Gazelle tires and tubes

Original tool kit

Suzuki service manual included

*new battery

This is a great looking, very rare and very reliable little vintage bike. It was only sold in the US for a year or so, but parts are easy to get because its engine was also used in other, much more common Suzuki bikes. Lights, brakes and everything else work well. It has a few flecks of rust here and there but nothing major. Currently registered as a moped.


More pictures in the Craigslist ad



Re: FS: 1971 Suzuki F50 Cutlass, MI

Thats an interesting part scooter, part moped offspring. If I had the money, I'd take it.

Re: FS: 1971 Suzuki F50 Cutlass, MI

Do you still have the Suzuki F50 ??? As much as I would love to buy the bike I have 2 of them --- I just need to know where and what kind of reair amnual to buy for it. Any help you can give would be appreciated

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