FS: Derbi bottom end.

Yo derbi dudes.

I have a Derbi piston port bottom end up for sale. Just scored a flat reed motor, so this one can and has to go. It's just missing a top end. Bearings are smooth, and I have no reason to suspect anything is wrong with it. I have not run it, but it's in nice shape, so buy it!!!! It is missing the variator side cover.

$75 plus actual shipping. to your door.

Re: FS: Derbi bottom end.

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

I'd give you $75 shipped for it :). I'm at 93401, hopefully we can work something out.

FS: Derbi bottom end.

OH, will also deliver to SF or SAC in mid June for free.

FS: Derbi bottom end.

Err...Portland too.

Re: FS: Derbi bottom end.

Hey Brennan, do you still have the Derbi bottom end?

If you do, I want it...


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