Minarelli auctions

I'm sorry, but I have to sell my darling mopeds. Please go to eBay and take a look. The blue Snark was part of the crazy trip made by Team Minarelli Decepticons back in 2002(?) from Kalamazoo to Chicago. The red Motron was a powerhorse, and was the only one of the Team Minarelli bikes to _not_break down as we tried to reach Seattle by moped.

If you want to drive out to Carlisle, PA to pick them up, they're yours (assuming you also bid on eBay). I'm also selling a box of Minarelli V1 engine parts (including a complete V1 engine), which I'm willing to ship.



Re: Minarelli auctions

Any performance stuff?

Re: Minarelli auctions

Sell exhaust?

Re: Minarelli auctions

The bikes both have Dellorto 16.16 carbs. One has a Pollini, the other has a Leo Vinci performance pipe. Both are sold complete, and as a pair. I'm not going to cannibalize them.

Re: Minarelli auctions

dude, if you were still in Kzoo, I'd be interested in them. too bad.

Re: Minarelli auctions

Well if you do cannibalize then let me know because I can't find an exhaust.

$80 ????!!!

So far the pair of bikes is on eBay for $80 w/ only a day left to go. Please don't let these bikes go for so cheap!

Re: $80 ????!!!

i'd love to have them, but i have no place to really put them.

i am however going to win your parts, just so you know :)

Re: $80 ????!!!

if you were closer i'd come out in a rental truck with $200 cash and get them peds, but PA is way far and shipping is murder on machine and wallet :(

Re: Minarelli auctions

dude i was bidding on those then got the "no more mopeds" speech from the landlord, i think they went for over 300 bux which is around where i would have had to drop off, whoever got those got a freaking deal even at that price.

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