78 Puch MKII seat

Looking for one, or another long(er) seat that will work in its place. I'd prefer to keep it all original but it's not the end of the world if it's not a Puch part. I'm in Toronto, Canada.

Re: 78 Puch MKII seat

ive got one, some tearing and a pink tape repair. if ur looking for a resto itll work great for a reupholster job, or just run it if its a daily. have to look into shipping cost to toronto

Re: 78 Puch MKII seat

can you email a pic of it? I have the original seat on the bike already but it's a bit mangled. If I am going to reupholster then I can just work with what I've got.

Thanks though Greg.

Re: 78 Puch MKII seat

might take me a little while. its not broken but its definitely not pretty. lived some life outside

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