82 US PA50II Speedometer cable

Hi, I'm DESPERATELY looking for a speedo cable for a 1982 Honda PA50II {Hobbit}! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Re: 82 US PA50II Speedometer cable

Can someone confirm that the cable used on the PA 50 is the same as that used on the Honda Passport. They look the same to me, that is without side by side comparison.


Re: 82 US PA50II Speedometer cable

82 PA50:



82 c70:



not the same...

but good news the cable is only like $15 from the dealer.

Re: 82 US PA50II Speedometer cable

Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Unfortunately, the PA50 cable is too short ofor the PA50II, and Honda says the cables are discontinued.....I'm ready to jury rig at this point!

Re: 82 US PA50II Speedometer cable

in 82 there was no PA50I, they were all PA50II's.


it doesn't show as being discontinued on there..?

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