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engine - Garelli VIP (NOI or NOII) Avanti motor

This might be a long shot but i need those 4 pressure plate bushings. Along with that i need the disk its self and the little + the bushings go into. I also am in need of a header for it, a 2 peice biturbo, also any performance cylinders?


1. 4 pressure plate bushings

2. the + the bushings go into

3. the bell its self that the + press's into

4. header

5. cylinder kit?

6. 2 peice biturbo?

7. any other engine parts you have, gaskets, stock rings, ect

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come on!!

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Call up COSMOPOLITAN MOTORS. 1-800-523-2522 They used to sell "Cosmo Stingers" which I believe are just the Avanti. I'm not sure... it may not be the same engine for the newer ones.

Good luck,


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the avantis that cosmo sold were the VIP model engine, and not the NOI

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i havent called yet, but bump, thanks for the #

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Re: WTB - Garelli Parts

found some poeple buy not sure bump

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