F/S Derbi engine parts

taken from derbi variant,1988

perfect front fender, red with blue decals 20.00

head with decompression valve 10.00

air filter pod, round with filter,screen, clamp 20.00

stator plate 10.00

flywheel 10.00

crankshafts, 1 good, 1 bad, switch rods to make

one good crank, for both 20.00

no other parts

reasonable shipping

looking to trade for vespa engine tools

case splitter, flywheel puller

puch engine tools too



Re: F/S Derbi engine parts

i'll take the stator plate and flywheel. whats your paypal.

Re: F/S Derbi engine parts


my paypal is


Re: F/S Derbi engine parts


why don*t you add $10.00 for shipping.

this should cover it. maybe more if shipping to

seattle or thereabouts



Re: F/S Derbi engine parts

Future vic /

Leo, my friend jona needs this real bad. I told him I'd let him have it instead. He'll prob email you shortly.


Re: F/S Derbi engine parts

yes i'll take it.

thanks vic i owe you

Re: F/S Derbi engine parts

Would you take 15 for the crank?

Re: F/S Derbi engine parts


i just had the rods switched on the cranks.

i now have 1 good derbi variant crankshaft.

i think i will keep it now....just in case

F/S Derbi engine parts

Pablo Puchasso /

Just outta curiosity... how fast does a stock variant go?

Re: F/S Derbi engine parts

hey man

a stock variant goes 30-35mph.

the thing is a derbi has alot of torque. it can haul-ass

up hills and carry a passenger with no problem.

i dont fully understand it. i have the old(1970s)

piston port engine and it is nice.

the later derbi engine is a case reed valve so i would

think more torque.

i know derbis can be kitted out so they go 45-52mph

but there just arent alot of derbis around.

the thing is derbi won a couple roadrace championships

in the 1970s. they were all small bore....50cc or 100cc.

those bikes looked awesome


Re: F/S Derbi engine parts

I'll take the air filter pod. Is there anyway you could send a photo of it. My Variant has a unifilter and it is very loud at wide open throttle. I'd like a stock one to quiet it down.

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