WTB Moby Clutch Puller

anyone got one for me?

Re: WTB Moby Clutch Puller

if im done with it, i could send ya one in a week or so, standard borrowing procedures... you break it you buy it... you pay for shipping there and back.

not the best deal but offer's on the table if you cant find a seller.

Re: WTB Moby Clutch Puller

Everything is for sale if the price is right. Is it right?

Re: WTB Moby Clutch Puller

Quickreference, are you implying that you have one and would be willing to sell it?

because if so, i'd like to know how much you want for it.

Re: WTB Moby Clutch Puller

There is a great PULLER SET on eBay for $50. I have owned this same set for years and it pulls just about anything. Tomos, Puch, Motobecane (clutch and cam), Bosch magnetos (Garelli, Negrini), Kinetic/Vespa, and I'm sure a bunch more that I haven't tried yet. If only it came with the tool for Honda clutches, then it would be perfect.


Re: WTB Moby Clutch Puller

thanks for the heads up, eric.

Re: WTB Moby Clutch Puller

Timmy Southpark /

i have a spare moby clutch puller... payed like $25 for it on ebay awhile back. Its a real nice stainless one. Make offer.

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