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Nice lady in South Carolina referred me to the site. She said I might have some luck selling my moped to a concentrated gathering of moped enthusiasts. So I have a 1978 Puch Sport 1,5 moped that I have decided to put on the auction block so-to-speak.. The bike is in excellent condition; one previous owner and garage kept. I bought it from him a few years back and have since kept it in my garage when I haven't been tooling around on it. It will most likely need a tune-up since I haven't ridden it in a year. Don't have the time to appreciate it now that I've got a youngster pulling on my coattail everywhere I go.


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Email sent

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I would gladly entertain any decent offers. Most likely wouldn't sell it for less than $750.

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Hmm , maybe wrong site? If wanna get sick, detrimental mental money for a not so hot runner that needs a tune up, you might want ebay.

Mostly bottom feeders here ( thats me!)

Ebay is where the kids go with daddy's money.

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You're on the wrong coast for that kind of dough my friend...

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Hello...Please call me on what your "Bottom Dollar" is for this Moped.Your asking is much for this area of U.S.But call me- please don't message me at 419-778-9403 anytime - 7 days a week.Thank You...

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tony from Baltimore /

$750 is a joke. A good joke, but a joke.

I will give you $300

Funny thing is, its not that I dont have the money. Im just not stupid. I mean I just dumped $1200 into my Pinto.

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§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

I'll give you what you paid for it :-)


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