wanted: Moped in SF for between $500 - $800

Any one in San Francisco have a moped for sale??? I had a Puch Maxi sport and I liked that but I'm open to check out all kinds. the one I had took a lot of work to get it running well and when I finally did get it running the way I wanted it, it was stolen. So I'd really like to get one that is running well to begin with.

You can call me at (415)425-1308 and leave a message or email me at




Re: wanted: Moped in SF for between $500 - $800

I can sell you my Maxi for $450, it works fine, runs at about 30 mph. Its got a bing, its been hardwired, and everything else is stock. Let me know if your interested.

Re: wanted: Moped in SF for between $500 - $800

***Kim Jong illest*** /

hey for 800 bucks ive got a puch sport mkII with a 70cc tccd kit, bullet exhaust, high compression head, 15 mm bing, ported and case matched, rebuilt tranny, with extra long holding gears.

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