moby mag brake pads?

Anybody got the smaller ones for the Le Moped mags? Different than the spoked rims ones. I think part number 21730.

Re: moby mag brake pads? mean pads that go in the 6 star Moby mags?

I replaced a pair using a normal Leleu set off an old bike. It was a little tight at first, but you just sand those bitches down a bit and they work like a charm.

Treats has a pair for like 10 bucks, or something.

Re: moby mag brake pads?

you can order 'em brand spankin' new from BJ at handybikes :D

Re: moby mag brake pads?

Nice heads up! Totes appreciate it...just ordered two sets.

Re: moby mag brake pads?

Almost went the handy route, but I live on the west coast, and treats is about as friendly as mr. rogers with shipping costs...

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