77 foxi gt

hey there,

i am currently looking for descent wheels and tires for my foxi....any other accessories too.... thanks.


Re: 77 foxi gt

sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but performance / bling items for foxi's are kinda unobtainable in terms of buy it and bolt it on.

you can go custom, but thats different.

Re: 77 foxi gt

oh, ok. as far as accessories are concerned, i meant i was needing replacement parts, mirror, grips, pedals,etc. thanks again.

Re: 77 foxi gt

oh ok , alot of that stuff can be found at ..well..bicycle and motorcyle shops for obvious reasons.

make sure you get grips for moped sized handlebard - usually 7/8ths and the like.


has a bunch of motocycle stuff, and ebay is loaded with it.

Try searching ebay without the word foxi, just moped and see what comes up.

Tons o stuff cross references.

Re: 77 foxi gt

Handlebards get a +2 to drinking.

Try a moped shop, like maybe online, that specializes in parts for mopeds. You'll be able to get cables, pedals, grips, tires, handlebars and all that stuff.

Foxi wheels are nearly the same as wheels for any Sachs 504(not 505), as well as puch motobecane kreidler and peugeot spoked wheels.

Re: 77 foxi gt

Idaho represent!

I hale from Sandpoint, and in 19 years, I saw one moped

Re: 77 foxi gt

yeah, there are a few in the CDA area.


Re: 77 foxi gt

hey thanks for the heads up.

Re: 77 foxi gt

thanks for the info.

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