Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

I will either sell this bike complete or part it out if enough people are interested.

This is for a 1980s Piaggio Moped that I believe to be a Vespa Si. It is black, missing some decals, and has some different black paint on parts of the body. The engine has good compression from what I can tell, and seems like it could start up with some fresh gas. the headlight goes on (good coil and rectifier) when I engage the clutch. It is missing both chain guards, the exhaust, the right brake lever and a few other miscellaneous pieces, but the engine looks to be complete. The wheels are very nice 4 spoke aluminum with the original grey finish. I would consider this either a sweet parts bike, or a rider in need of some intensive restoration. You're more than welcome come look at it, so leave your phone number, or drop me an email and I'll give you mine.

$200 OBO


Re: Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

I will be in Kzoo this weekend and would like to come take a look at this ped. If you still have it by then that is. I will check back later in the wee and see what the status is on this. feel free to send me an e-mail with if you would like.

Re: Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

If you part it, I would take the seat and a few other misc items

Re: Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

How does the back wheel (and area from the trans to the freewheel, mount included) look? Do you think it could be thrown on a Kinetic TFR? I heard that Si's work to variate slow ass TFRs. If so, and you decide to part it, I'd be more than happy to snatch up those parts from ya!

Re: Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

Hell, I'm sure the back wheel will work on my TFR, so if you're parting it and it is in working order, consider me in! I'll pay decently, 'cause I just wanna go fast.

Re: Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

I just keep thinking about this and how fast I want to go, so one last post tonight before I quit hogging this thread.

If you decide to part it, I'd take the front wheel too. If you would rather sell it whole, I might still be very interested, assuming that you are willing to let me set up freight, and the freight quotes I get are reasonable.

Re: Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

let me know if you part it or sell whoile, so i stop bugging. stuff i need:

pedal cahin and tensioner

front and rear tail light

side covers

kick stand

wire cover on bottom of tank

maybe more.... I'll give you $75 post paid for this stuff with all their brackets and bolts and such!!

e-mail sent!!

Re: Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

hi can you ship it? i have seen people drain all fluids, no joke, wrap the whole thing in cardboard and tape, and ship me mopeds in the belly of a greyhound bus. cheap, clumsy, i know but it works. i like your bike, and i think i have what chris needs too, a 1978 vespa bravo. if you can stand to see your bike shipped this way and its still for sale, send me all pics you can of your bike, and ill show you money.

Re: Vespa Si Project Bike For Sale

i could go for those tires and im in Kzoo every weekend.

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