FS: Fast Puch in New England

Price: Best Offer, willing to ship (from 04105)

Contact: moped[at]ktfterison.com

The attached picture is after I just finished the paint & assembled the bike... the paint looks like hell now and everything is all greasy I will attach an updated pic as soon as I can.

here goes:

I call this one the "Thorndike Special:"

e50 engine with...

RGD Performance Crank/Connecting Rod w/ needle bearings

Polini Kit

Polini 4-petal intake

Dellorto 19.5mm carb

UNI Hi-Flow Foam Air Filter (better than the one in the pic)

Cheap expansion chamber exhaust

Interesting headlight (wait'll I post updated pics)

New rear suspension w/ Magnum swingarm

snazzy Sava tires

Hydraulically damped front fork

Low cafe-esque handlebars

rear sprocket off of a ZA50 - fewer teeth, but can't remember exactly how many.


1x Polini piston ring (new!)

2x performance exhaust gaskets

assorted Dellorto jets

assorted Polini gaskets

stock swingarm (if you want)

Front mag wheel (no breaks, bearings - spoked on there right now, to save on weight)

good stuff:

Zippy, reliable bike.

faster than all of my other mopeds

easy on gasoline

3 years of cool little parts on this bike.

bad stuff:

the paint is all dinged up now

the front spoked wheel is ugly

no title

ugly handgrips (yellow SCOTT's, but all greasy now)

tricky to tune

You have a choice of seats: Ugly or Uncomfortable.


Re: FS: Fast Puch in New England

did u do all the work urself... ive got a bunch of peds... kind of need some help locally...


Re: FS: Fast Puch in New England

Sure did. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.


Re: FS: Fast Puch in New England

Allen Midwood /

Yo Man, Where are you and how much you want ?

Re: FS: Fast Puch in New England

hot as shit bro. great work.

someone buy this ped before I do.

Re: FS: Fast Puch in New England

New pic?

Re: FS: Fast Puch in New England

I am in southern Maine, but I am willing to work out shipping or whatever (I have taken this bike apart and put it back together so many times, I could do it in my sleep)

Optimistically, I'm hoping for $500 - that's like buying the performance parts and having them come installed on a free moped, all broken in. That said, I am always ready to wheel and deal...

I should have an up-to-date pic later this week - I decided I want to clean it up a bit first. I just lubed the chain for the first ride of the season (it started after cycling just twice, and that's after sitting since September! The choke on the Dellorto is like magic), and it is definitely looking like one greasy bike.

Thanks for the interest, I'll get those new pics up soon,


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