WTB: project ped, WEST MI

Looking to get a buddy for my express. Could be taken apart in boxes to mostly complete, I don't care, just something to build this summer. Also looking to spend less than $150. Can be in any condition, as long as it wouldn't cost more than $200 to get running. Will consider all offers. Peddles are neccessary, something my express couldn't give me. Joe

Re: WTB: project ped, WEST MI

Bump. Joe

Re: WTB: project ped, WEST MI


Re: WTB: project ped, WEST MI

Hello...I'm sure I would have something for you in a week or less.I get Honda Express's in about every 5 -7 days non-running.

Keep me in mind.Ph.#:419-778-9403-Anytime - 7 Days a Week.

Also I have a Honda PA50II with only 474 miles on it.Last year of production with "Factory Turn Signals" of which we rare.Just needs carbs cleaned and ready to go.Color is black.Does that interest you at all? All there...

And then I have a 79' Motobecane moped in yellow with ONLY like 600 miles that needs an engine.

Let me know...

Call 419-778-9403 anytime - 7 days a week.

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