wtb maxiluxe carb

If anybody has a bing carb (14mm?) for a 78 puch maxiluxe, I'm looking to buy

wtb 14mm bing carb

Anybody have a 14mm bing for sale?

Re: wtb 14mm bing carb

I have a 15mm


Re: wtb 14mm bing carb

i might, i have a 12 you can bore

Re: wtb 14mm bing carb

do you really really need it? do you really really want to pay for it? :P i have one complete 14mm bing with tall intake, but i wanted to keep it in case i needed it in a pinch... would much rather sell you the 12's. shit i have two listed in my sale thread, i'll sell you both bodies cheap and you can drill em out and even fuck one up no worries.

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