need an indian moped carb

looking for an carb for a 1979 indian moped. i have one for an 1980 with manifold im willing to trade. trying to get ready for moped rally tanks

Re: need an indian moped carb

I think i know a guy that has a garage full of indian mopeds. I will get back to u tho

Re: need an indian moped carb

-Unholysmokers - Chad Ferguson /

e-mail He does (or at least did) have a ton of NOS Indian parts. I bought a bunch of stuff from, side panels, air filter, cables, etc.

Re: need an indian moped carb

Oscar, careful you don't get the wrong carb, Indian used three different carbs, and two different heads, the two different heads had a different angle where the intakes mounted. see the picture Im sending with this post. I have several of the tiliston carbs used on the early models. Tom

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