FS- '80 Kitted Maxi


I'm not really happy about selling it but i need the money to jump start me moving out and living on my own.

the specs-

-Case matched E50 with roller bearing crank and monza IGN system.. newer bearings and seals.

- Metra65 & high comp head

- 21mm PHBG + intake and high flow airfilter & some main JETS

- tecno bullet pipe

- professionally powdercoated

the picture shows it with some magnum EBRs... it will come with stock forks ( in the background) and a matching fender. ALSO-- not in picture is a matching flywheel cover.

the bike runs great, is jetted correctly, and hits the upper 40's

I'm looking for $550 OBO

email me at mikeserfozo@yahoo.com with questions.




Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi



Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

sweet jesus thats a good deal

i wish i had the star trek tranporter thing, id buy that shit in a sec.

Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

Please IM me ASAP, IM: Slocketman

Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

or better yet, call six one four, three nine seven five six two four

Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

hey luke your not online..

you could email me at mikeserfozo@yahoo.com

or IM me at mikeserfozo- AIM

Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

Slocketman get it?

Its about 4hrs from me here in Michigan, but if the price is right, i might make the trip.

Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

sold thanks.

Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

If for some reason slocketman doesn't take it, contact me.


Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

derbi snob /

dude, its not a 'monza' ignition. just about every european maxi had that coil setup. dont believe everything you hear on the internet.

Re: FS- '80 Kitted Maxi

i apologize.

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