Looking for 1974 Motobecane Cady points

Hi I am looking for points for my 1974 Motobecane Cady. If anyone has any please let me know. Thank You Very Much.

Brandi :)

Re: Looking for 1974 Motobecane Cady points

hey belleville! i used to deliver food to autosystems every night. i'm 2hrs away in aurora.

your cady should have the same points as any av7, meaning you should be able to order them from lots of different moped shops online.

but, i'd speak to wari first and make sure they're the same.

if so, check out www.mopedjunkyard.com - they've been great to me. alternately you can try 1977mopeds but shipping may take somewhat longer.

i've been thinking about a highway 2 cruise for a while, you've just given me more reason :)

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