WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

For the rad Parmakit. I have a 16mm, but need bigger. Treats has been short for a while and I need it pretty soon.

Anyone got one?

I'm willing to go 30.00 shipped.

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake


Anyone with the shorty 19mm?

I'm offering 30.00 shipped.

Okay...okay.....35.00 shipped. I need it bad.

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

ben i'm gonna end up making two at least. i've ordered two 15mm from qk to play with, i have a rudimentary milling machine set up at home ... they're still available from the malossi catalogue but no dealers seem to have any. i'll keep you posted if i can be of any help

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

you should make me an angled one for my a3, but a 19mm

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

I mean 18mm

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

sorry we're talking moby - you can probably buy whatever you desire for your tomos in like 10 places!

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

i wish it was that easy

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

well dude you got a tomos, you pretty much hit the 'easy' button already. sorry bout your intake, but they're still making tomos. moby stoped in what, 81? my kit was made in 84. the likelyhood of you finding parts is like 10x greater than us.

get a section of aluminum pipe and an electrician's pipe bender and a tig welder and a milling machine and fab up something sweet - our little intakes are just straight little nubbins. no bending here. no thanks.

good luck!

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

Timmy Southpark /

actually i believe some old A3 intakes are compatible with moby's, so Kale could possibly use your moby intake.

Re: WTB - 19mm Moby shorty intake

Mike -

Intriguing. I'm actually considering a similar thing. I'm part of a large art department here at San Jose State U. We have the largest academic foundry on the west coast. I have a few friends who are EXCELLENT mold makers and could probably pull it off.

Basically, I've thought about it like this. Chop the 16mm intake and either do a quick little weld with the right 19mm piping on top and cast that bitch in aluminum (I could do bronze if I wanted!).

I'm definitely thinking about doing it. Time right now for me is an issue since my Master's of Fine Art thesis exhibition is next week. Mopeds and anything else is on the back burner until either next week or the week after.

So...I'm trying for the quick fix. Throw money at the problem and see what happens.

Anyone out there with a 19mm shorty intake for a PHBG on a Moby? Huh-huh? Any french love out there?

35.00 shipped! I desparate!

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