O/T: Xenu.net on Drawball

Not sure how many people here know about Scientology, but there has been a large movement against it for awhile now.

Just recently it's become large enough that there are monthly worldwide protests, March's protest drew over 10,000 people from over 100 cities.

Anway, I'd like to ask for help cleaning up the giant XENU.NET (a website that tells you all about Scientology) logo that is on drawball (<www.drawball.com).

You'll see it instantly when you go to the site, it (was) one of the most recognizable things there. Recently though, people on 4chan and other chans have decided they don't like us "moralfags" and are vandalizing the logo heavily.

So if anyone would like to help, please try and clean up the XENU.NET logo here: <www.drawball.com>

Re: O/T: Xenu.net on Drawball

OK, seems like none of my links worked... guess you have to put the http:// in...


Re: O/T: Xenu.net on Drawball

My brother made drawball.com and flash-gear.com. I'm glad to see it's still popular. I've been bugging the shit out of him to make a Facebook application out of it. His stuff just isn't as popular as it used to be.

I'm not going to ask him to do anything about your message on his site because, for one thing, when zoomed in all the way, you can't expect people to leave that shit completely blank. That space is meant for drawing. And even when you're zoomed out to make a bigger picture, I have much more respect for that howling wolf that's covering up part of the second "N". It's a much better drawing than just a bunch of letters.

Re: O/T: Xenu.net on Drawball

That's fine, I wouldn't ask you to have him interfere. I don't expect people not to draw over things either, that's the whole point.

The howling wolf.... I understand why there's protected art, but there should be some time period in which it becomes not protected any longer (is there? I don't know). Obviously that wolf isn't the art it used to be with all the jagged edges, there's lots of new people on our forum trying to get rid of it and they always ask "hey why can't I write on teh wolf???"

But yeah, if anyone wants to help us keep the XENU clean, go for it. And if anyone wants to help /b/ and the chans vandilize it, I guess go for that as well (although I prefer #1 :-)

Re: O/T: Xenu.net on Drawball

Kris Kross 'll make ya',

bump bump

The mac daddy'll make ya',

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