Parting out my 86 Puch

I'm parting out a perfectly good Maxi that is my daily. I'm taking the engine, carb, exhaust, controls, wiring harness and speedo drive to put them on a Magnum that I'm building. Everything else is up for grabs. It's an 86 silver with orange trim with that crazy square head light with the plastic fairing around it...

86 was a weird year for the Maxi...

Let me know what you need and I'll get you a price.

I would prefer email to crisis at sugarburninc dot com.

Paypal only.

Left pedal arm is already spoken for. I'll take a picture of the bike tonight and post it, but everything is in pretty good shape, besides the speedo, which is cracked.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

Chris, what kind of wheels are on that? Spokes or Snowflakes? If its snowflakes, I could use a rear wheel.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

Spokes that nobody wants. I figure having two sets of wheels will be a good thing for me, but will sell them if someone is interested.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

chris, my friend sean is rebuilding a maxi and would like those wheels. how much do you want for them?

i also need the headlight and tail light for one of those clone 86 maxis im working on.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

I'll sell him a set of wheels, the head light and tail light for 60 bucks. Is it for Chris that was at the Mockbee the other night?

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

You need the brake hubs or just the wheels?

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

either way with the hubs. the ones he has are so so. if you need them keep 'em.

i actually need the stuff for three different bikes im helping people with, but to make it simple maybe ill just buy it all from you for $60 then split it up. the wheels are for this kid sean, the headlight is for the leslie's 86 maxi, and the tail light is for the maxi chris had last thursday that you were helping with.

are the wheels in good shape? ill take pretty much anything so long as there arent missing spokes or really bad rust.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

fuck, i needed those wheels.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

They are in good shape for sure. I don't think there is any rust on them or anything... You can get them from me this weekend if you want... I basically have two sets and plan on keeping the nicer of the two but both sets I have are good... I don't really have a need for two sets of hubs but I'm not sure my hubs will be any better than his...

The tail light lens is cracked and held on by some screws that just don't belong... Let me know if that's not cool.

Spoken for:

Left pedal arm

Wheels with hubs and brakes

Head light with plastic fairing

tail light

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

Jake snaked you!

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

shay - i know james who hangs out sometimes has some spoked wheels, ive just never been able to get out to his place to pick them up.

chris - if someone wants to buy the fairing from you, i dont need it. i actually just need the headlight itself.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

Cool... but what good is the fairing without the square headlight to go with it... I'll hold onto it just in case.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

yeah for sure, i was just putting it out there in case someone wanted it.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

so the speedometer is not available? on a side note what is better about these engines than earlier e50s? are the bearings better? I have an '86 too.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

I have no idea other than it had a high compression top end and it was a 2HP...

I actually think that I might have a spare speedo, but the one on the bike is cracked...

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

You can remove the speedo from the black casing on a stadard Puch Maxi speedo and it will fit in your fairing. You don't need a special one.

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

86 engines may or may not have roller bearing cranks.

i know mine did (za50)

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

how's the seat lookin'? and maybe chain guards? what color? how much? ?

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

I have a grey set of side covers that are in decent shape and a black, as well as a brown Puch seat... email me if you are interested please. The black seat isn't as nice as the brown seat... It's got some cracks and a few dime, nickel size rips in the back...

crisis at sugarburninc dot com


Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

Eric Van German int he decepticons has a set of snowflakes... Hit him up...

Re: Parting out my 86 Puch

I actually have a few different tail lights... I've collected some puch stuff over the past 7 years for sure...

What I have Left

What I've got Left or most of it:

1- Really nice Puch Newport Brown Saddle Seat

1- So so Puch Black standard Maxi Seat. There are a few

small tears and the back has some weather cracking...

1- Not so hot Puch Maxi black standard saddle seat. Decent sized tear on the back.

1- set of gray Puch Maxi side covers

1- set of black Magnum side covers (the covers for the electrics,carb and chain), not the tool box side covers.

1- Bing 12mm Carb

1- Bing 12mm Intake

1- Full Maxi pedal crank with both arms (I had two pedal cranks and sold 1 of the pedal arms to Wade.

1- Maxi pedal crank missing the non sprocket side pedal arm

1- set of forks (Matt W. wants them I think)

1- set of lever controls

1- Magnum rear rack

1- Maxi rear rack

2- Maxi Seat posts

1- Maxi round head lamp

1- Maxi bars

1- Maxi Frame

1- stock Puch cylinder/piston and head (don't remember if it's high compression or not)

That's all that I can think of without being out in my garage. I'll do some sort of inventory this weekend...

Either way, I'm 100% legit and honest. I wouldn't screw anyone over on purpose. You can trust that I will ship your shit as fast as I can and that it will be what I say it is...


Re: What I have Left

1- maxi gas cap without the Puch symbol on it... After market maybe

1- stock puch exhaust, maybe 2 of them...

Re: What I have Left

pics of the piston/cylinder/head? are the transfer ports closed? painted black?

Re: What I have Left

I can take some pics this weekend for ya. I have a few Puch top ends in my garage... I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "are the transfer ports closed", but I'll take some pics for you.

Re: What I have Left

86's got roller bearings

Re: What I have Left

i want the forks if the other dude falls through

Re: What I have Left

i could really use the maxi forks and the spokes for a mini magnum, if they dont sell.

Re: What I have Left

Don't forget they have 3 shoe clutches too!

Re: What I have Left

i just tried to shoot you an email..didnt work.

i am interested in the frame ....can you email me with these answers? tank rust?color?bracket decals?decal colors? paint condition. frame include tress/forks?shipping cost to 19143. thanks.

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