building a moped

hey I've been looking at a Tomos Targa lx as my first moped after i get a job. but I've been wondering how to build the engine itself? can anyone tell me all the parts needed to build the engine, and possible the rest so i can get a decent price barring? the wheels, chassi, swing arms, and fenders aren't needed of course.

Re: building a moped

fish_SHARK /

just buy an entire motor

Re: building a moped

ehh. you'd probably have a harder time finding all the individual parts then a spare engine. how about get an engine, then completely disassemble it and rebuild it? you'll learn just as much and it will be easier.

Re: building a moped

true... any tips on where to find one for a decent price? (yes i know about 1977 mopeds)

Re: building a moped

i doubt 1977 mopeds really has a complete engine for sale very often (if ever..) as... generally they only sell complete bikes as well...

try right here...? on moped army..? in the buy/sell forum...?

Re: building a moped

yea i'd say right here dude. or check your craiglist regularly to see what comes up. and ebay.

do you know what engine type you want? there are 2 or 3 tomos engines and i dont know anything about any of them.

maybe you could find just a bottom end from someone here (im sure you can), and then decide what you wanna do for the top end? There are a lot of options.

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